The summer is about to arrive, and if you haven’t taken care of your car yet, it’s certainly time to start. Sure, you can leave your money at the car wash and hope to get the looks for that shiny piece rollin’ out of the wash. Or, you can put your money into body kits that transform your ride into an extra-ordinary car on the streets. Do you think this sounds like a great idea and you need some inspiration? Take a look at the following most common custom body kits for different makes and models.

A Mustang body kit accentuates the individual style of a Ford Mustang to the max. You can get single components like side view mirrors or rear spoilers, or go for a full body kit. Like the Volkswagen Golf body kit and the Ford Focus body kit, the Mustang full body kit comes either as an air dam kit or a front fascia replacement. The air dam kit gives your ride an aggressive and sporty look with its air dam, side skirts, rear spoiler, and rear valance. The front fascia replacement includes a mesh, side skirts, rear valance, a single exhaust, and a rear spoiler. Now imagine how your Honda, Acura, or Chevy would be transformed with a Prelude body kit, Integra body kit, or Camaro body kit!

So, you schlepp your car to the service station and tell the guy: “Hey, put the Cavalier body kit on my car.” Perhaps, you hear something in reply like: “Dude, you gotta wait in line. I needa get this Neon body kit done first, then it’ll be the 300ZX body kit, then the RSX body kit. You gotta wait!” Body kits are very popular these days, so make sure you get yours first and make an appointment at the repair shop fast.

Individualizing your car is nothing new, however, with prices dropping on auto styling accessories, it’s the perfect time to look into all the fancy side view mirrors, spoilers, fender flares, bumpers, and roll pans. Making your ride as unique as possible shouldn’t cost a fortune and should get you excited every time you look at your car- with a body kit, you’ll do your body good!